Azure MSI Plessey Generator

Generating & printing barcode MSI Plessey images on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud-computing platform

  • Ready to deploy MSI Plessey barcode generator package for Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud-computing platform
  • High performance and reliable MSI Plessey barcode generation package using by OnBarcode barcode generating hosting service
  • Generate MSI Plessey barcodes in any static web pages (.html) and dynamic ones (.aspx, jsp, asp, php, perl).
  • Generate MSI Plessey barcodes in any reporting and business applications that are supporting dynamic image through URL.
  • Creating high quality MSI Plessey GIF images compatible with all web browsers.
  • MSI Generator for Windows Azure using mature .NET Barcode Generator Component


Integration Deployed Barcode Generator on Azure into your projects

After you deploy Barcode Generator on Azure into your Azure service account (if not, see How to deploy Barcode Generator for Windows Azure?), you can immediately start generating barcodes in your web pages (html, asp, aspx, jsp, php, perl) and reporting and business applications that support display images with dynamic URL.

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  1. Dynamic barcode image URL for MSI Plessey barcodes: http://{Your Azure Service URL}/linear.aspx?TYPE=27&DATA=123456789

  2. You can put the above url to your IMG tag in your web page, or pass to your application's image with dynamic URL properties.

You can add parameters to the end of url to set MSI Plessey data to encode, customize barcode image settings. More detail, view MSI Plessey barcode parameters setting

MSI Plessey Generators

OnBarcode provides several MSI Plessey Generator components and software, including .NET MSI Plessey, Java MSI Plessey, C# MSI Plessey, VB.NET MSI Plessey, MSI Plessey Generator Software.


MSI Plessey Generator on Azure - Barcode Parameters

Category Parameter Value Comments
Basic DATA Type: string
Default: "12345"
Barcode value to encode

MSI Plessey Valid Data Char Set:
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (Digits)

TYPE Type: int
Default: 7 (Code 128)
Linear barcode symbology type.

MSI type values are
  • 27 (MSI with auto checksum)
  • 28 (MSI with checksum 10)
  • 29 (MSI with checksum 11)
  • 30 (MSI with checksum 1010)
  • 31 (MSI with checksum 1110)
ADD-CHECK-SUM Type: bool
Default: false
For MSI with auto checksum, AddCheckSum is optional. Modulo 10 will be applied, if AddCheckSum property is true.

For others, AddCheckSum is not applicable. Online Barcode Generator will always add check character(s) for you.
UOM Type: int
Default: 0 (PIXEL)
Unit of meature for all size related settings.

Valid values:
  • 0 (PIXEL)
  • 1 (CM)
  • 2 (INCH)
X Type: float
Default: 1
Width of barcode bar module (narrow bar), default is 1 pixel
Y Type: float
Default: 60
Height of barcode bar module, default is 60 pixel
Default: 0
Barcode image width.

If barcodeWidth setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum width, Online Barcode Generator will automatically reset to barcode minimum width.
Default: 0
Barcode image height.

If barcodeHeight setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum height, Online Barcode Generator will automatically reset to barcode minimum height.
LEFT-MARGIN Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image left margin size.
RIGHT-MARGIN Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image right margin size.
TOP-MARGIN Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image top margin size.
Default: 0
Barcode image bottom margin size.
Default: 72
Barcode image resolution in DPI (Dots per inch).
ROTATE Type: int
Default: 0
Valid values:

  • 0 (in roration angle 0 degree)
  • 1 (in roration angle 90 degree)
  • 2 (in roration angle 180 degree)
  • 3 (in roration angle 270 degree)
SHOW-TEXT Type: bool
Default: "true"
If true, display barcode data text under the barcode, otherwise do not display.

In parameter value, use "true" for true, "false" for false.
TEXT-FONT Type: Font
Barcode text font style.

Specify the text font format in the following format:
TEXT-MARGIN Type: float
Default: 6
Space between barcode and barcode data text, default is 6 pixel

All Barcode Generator for Windows Azure Supporting Bar Code Types

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