2D Data Matrix Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Excel

Create, print Data Matrix barcode in Excel spreadsheet. Free download freeware. No Excel macro, formula, vba, barcode font.

Using Data Matrix Barcode Add-in for Excel to insert Data Matrix Barcode in Excel Spreadsheets

In this Excel Data Matrix user guide, you will learn how to generate, create 2d Data Matrix barcodes in Microsoft Office Excel files.

  • Support full ASCII, Unicode, byte array in Data Matrix data encoding
  • Generate Data Matrix compatible with ISO/IEC 16022
  • Easy to customize Data Matrix barcode image dimensions
  • Create valid GS1 Data Matrix barcode images
  • Encode Data Matrix with international characters
  • Support latest version of Office Excel on Windows. No font, native vba, macro required.

How to create Data Matrix 2d barcodes in Microsoft Excel document?

  1. Download Data Matrix Generator Excel Add-in
  2. Install Data Matrix Excel add-in to
    create Data Matrix barcode images in Excel files
  3. Step by Step Tutorial

  • Be able to compatible with Microsoft Office Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 versions
  • Excel Data Matrix Barcode Add-in used to create barcodes for Excel
  • Easy to install barcode add-in, without any barcode font, macro vba required
  • Free barcode addin software downloads. Complete demo source code included.
  • Data Matrix industry standards are well customized in the barcodes
  • Specifications of Data Matrix are not required for any users
  • Data Matrix Barcode Add-In for Excel requires NO barcode fonts
  • Easy and simple to generate article lists or catalogues as demands
  • Support high quality Data Matrix barcode images generation in MS Excel

A quick video tutorial for making, printing Data Matrix barcode in Excel
  • Quick to create a Data Matrix barcode
  • What are valid Data Matrix data and how to choose data mode
  • How to create GS1 Data Matrix
  • How to create Data Matrix image by using selected cell data
  • How to create a high resolution Data Matrix image for printing
  • How to generate list of Data Matrix barcodes in Excel
  • Install & uninstall barcode Excel add-in

Introduction of Excel 2D Data Matrix Generator Software
Data Matrix Barcode Add-In for Excel is a mature and reliable barcode generator for Data Matrix generation in Excel. And all produced Data Matrix barcodes are customizable and well-designed to meet various application demands of users.

In addition to Data Matrix Barcode Excel Generator Add-In, Onbarcode.com also provides other mature and professional linear (1D) & 2D barcode Add-Ins for Excel as well as Word which can generate the following barcodes: Data Matrix, Code 128, EAN, UPC, GS1 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Postal Codes, QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF-417, etc.
Features of 2D Data Matrix Barcode Add-In for Excel
  • Data Matrix Barcode Generator Excel Add-In is entirely integrated with Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 versions.
  • Creation of Data Matrix barcodes in Microsoft excel is easy and fast using Data Matrix Barcode Add-in for Excel.
  • Single Data Matrix barcode together with Data Matrix barcode lists can be efficiently added in Excel.
  • Data Matrix bar code may be created in all cells or table columns on Excel spreadsheet and the Data Matrix barcode is able to be updated with changes of selected cells' contents.
  • Specifications of Data Matrix are unnecessary because industry standards of Data Matrix are pre-configured in the barcodes.
  • Knowledge relevant to programming is not needed for users while inserting Data Matrix bar codes into Excel.
  • Data Matrix barcode parameters in Excel are able to be modulated based on users' requirements.
  • High quality Data Matrix barcodes are allowable to be printed by high resolution printers as well as low resolution ones. Extensions for special printer or Data Matrix barcode fonts are NOT necessary!
Install Data Matrix Barcode Add-In for Excel
  1. Download Excel Barcode Add-in and unzip it
  2. Close all MS Office Excel spreadsheets.
  3. Click the setup.exe to install.
  4. Open a new Excel document to click "Install". Done!
Generate Data Matrix Barcode into MS Excel

How to Generate Data Matrix Barcode for Excel

Open a new Excel spreadsheet firstly. Switch to "Add-Ins" and click "Create Barcode" to activate "Barcode Settings" panel. Choose a cell to produce the barcode image. Select "DATAMATRIX", input encodable data, and then click "Generate".

How to Modify Generated Data Matrix in Excel

On the one hand, users can switch to "Barcode Size". Bar width, image width and height, margin and rotation degree are all allowed to be revised. On the other hand, switch to "2D Barcode" to choose required data mode and format mode. After this, please remember to click "Update".

How to Create Data Matrix Barcode List in Excel

First of all, start with a new Excel spreadsheet to activate the task panel. And then within the "Barcode Settings" panel, select a column of cells with required data. Choose "DATAMATRIX", and click "Generate".

How to Link Data Matrix to Cell for Excel

Choose a cell to generate a Data Matrix image. Click "Link To Cell". And select a cell with data. Then click "Update". Now, the Data Matrix image is linked to the data in the cell. Besides, multiple barcode images can be linked to different cells. Link multiple Data Matrix images to different cells with data respectively. Change the data and click "Update Link To Cell".
To get more detail, please click Integration Tutorial for Office Excel Barcode Generator provided by OnBarcode.com
Barcode Types Supported by Excel Barcode Add-In
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