OnBarcode Product Return Policy

Purchase Policy:

  • All OnBarcode licenses come with 60 days Free Priority Support and 60 days Free Software Upgrade
  • Once we confirm your payment, we will email you the product IMMEDIATELY.
  • We accept Wire Transfer, Purchase Order, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union to purchase our software license.

    Pay with:

    Please send email to support@onbarcode.com for more information.

OnBarcode Product Return Policy

We are really sorry about letting your have the need to return product. Please send an email to support@onbarcode.com if there is anything we can do to avoid it.

Return OnBarcode Barcode Software

1. Return Ordered Software

If you want to return the purchased product before we send it to you, we are committed to unconditional refund. So, what you need to do is to send an email for returning the product. At the same time, in order to optimize our service, we hope to be informed of the reasons.

2. Return Downloaded Software

If you have received the product and need a return, all the following aspects should be considered.

  • All products provided by OnBarcode must be returned within a period of 60 days of purchase. That is to say, you can get money back only if the return is within required time.

  • To return product, firstly you should destroy the purchased product completely.

  • Then, send a return email to us. We will deal with your return as soon as possible, and send OnBarcode Return Agreement to you.

  • Print the agreement, fill out all required information and sign it. Note that return will not be accepted if necessary information and signature do not meet the requirement.

  • Scan and email the agreement to support@onbarcode.com.

  • If the agreement be received as required, we will refund within 12 business days.

Please send email to support@onbarcode.com if you need additional help.

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