Micro QR Code Introduction

This page talks about basic information of Micro QR Code (ISO/IEC 10084).

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Micro QR Code Overview

Micro QR Code is a variant of QR Code 2005. Compared with other regular QR Codes, it has only one position detection pattern which reduces the barcode size so that it can be used to applications where the space for barcode image is severely restricted.

Micro QR Code Structure and Size

Micro QR Code is a regular square array that comprises several parts, including finder, separator, timing patterns, and encoding region. Only the encoding region can encode data, and the Micro QR Code image is surrounded by quiet zone on all four sides.

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As for Micro QR Code images, there are four sizes, ranging from Version M1 to Version M4. And the size commences with 11X11 modules up to 17X17 modules (Version M1 to M4), excluding quiet zone. Each higher version number comprises 2 modules per side. Please get details from Micro QR Code size setting instruction.

Micro QR Code Data Encoding

Micro QR Code is able to encode the following characters:
  • numeric data (digits 0 - 9);
  • alphanumeric data (digits 0 - 9; upper case letters A - Z; nine other characters: space, $ % * + - . / : );
  • byte data (default: ISO/IEC 8859-1; or other sets as otherwise defined);
  • Kanji characters. Kanji characters in QR Code 2005 can be compacted into 13 bits.

Micro QR Code Data Characters per Symbol

Maximum Micro QR Code symbol size, in Version M4 and error correction level (L):
  • numeric data: 35 characters
  • alphanumeric data: 21 characters
  • Byte data: 15 characters
  • Kanji data: 9 characters

Micro QR Code Error Correction Level

Error correction capability enables Micro QR Code to restore the data encoded if the barcode image is partially dirty or damaged. Three levels of Reed-Solomon error correction allow recovery of:
  • Level L 7%
  • Level M 15%
  • Level Q 25%
of the Micro QR Code symbol codewords.

Micro QR Code Orientation Independence

Micro QR Code is readable from any direction with high speed, both rotation and reflection. It achieves this task through one position detection pattern. And this position detection pattern guarantees stable high-speed reading, circumventing the negative effects of background interference.

Micro QR Code Reflectance Reversal

Micro QR Code images can be read when they are marked as light images on dark backgrounds or dark images on light backgrounds. And dark on light is approved in International Standard. However, if images produced with reflectance reversal references to dark or light module, they should be taken as references to light or dark modules respectively.

Micro QR Code Mirror Imaging

According to International Standard, the arrangement of modules represents the "normal" orientation of the symbol. But, it's of possibility to achieve a valid decoding of a barcode through the arrangement of the modules with lateral transpose. If viewed with finder pattern at the top left, top right and the bottom left corner of the symbol, the mirror imaging would interchange the row and column position of the modules.

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