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Generate, print linear, 2D barcodes images in Eclipse BIRT

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We found this barcode plugin an easy integration into BIRT Reports...making barcode implementation so much easier.
- Steve Hill, Florida

Generate, create linear, 2d barcode images in Eclipse BIRT reports and BIRT Report Runtime

  • BIRT Barcode generate, create linear & 2D barcodes in BIRT reports without any Java programming
  • Simple to install to latest version of BIRT 4.15.0 & easy to use
  • Support both Eclipse BIRT Report Designer and BIRT Report Runtime
  • Generating 20+ linear barcode images, like Code 39, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E
  • Creating 2d barcodes including QRCode, PDF417, Data Matrix
  • Completely developed in BIRT Custom Extended Report Item Framework
  • Compatible with latest barcode symbology ISO Standards
  • Base on reliable OnBarcode Barcode for Java generate library
BIRT Barcode is a BIRT barcode generator library plugin which generates and prints high quality linear and 2D barcodes in Eclipse BIRT reports.
BIRT Barcode Generator Requirements
Install BIRT Barcode Generator Plugin

Install Jar for BIRT 4.15, 4.14, 4.13, 4.12, 4.11, 4.10

  • Copy com.onbarcode.barcode.birt_9.5.0.jar to your Eclipse plugins directory "\eclipse\plugins\"

  • Add the following content to the end of the file "{Eclipse home}\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator\"


  • We recommend you to remove all temp files in folder configuration, keep only the following files during installation

    "\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator\* (all files in the folder)"



Install Jar for BIRT 4.9 and previous versions

Install BIRT Barcode Generator plugin is an easy and simple job:
  • Copy com.onbarcode.barcode.birt_9.5.0.jar to your Eclipse plugins directory "\eclipse\plugins\"
  • You have installed the BIRT Barcode plugin

    To verify it, you can find a report item "Barcode" in your Eclipse "Palette" view, and you can add the report item to your BIRT reports.

Sometimes you might need to reinstall the BIRT Barcode plugin, and here's how:
  • Close all eclipse applications
  • Delete the BIRT Barcode plugin jar from "\eclipse\plugins\"
  • Open Eclipse IDE, and close the IDE again.
  • Copy the BIRT Barcode plugin jar to "\eclipse\plugins\"
  • You have installed the BIRT Barcode plugin
How to print barcodes in your BIRT reports?
  1. Create a new BIRT Report general project and then create an empty report in it.

    (File - New - Project - in the popup window, select Project under General - Next - name it OnBarcode - Finish);
    (File - New - Report - select OnBarcode - Blank Report - Finish - Open Associated Perspective)

  2. Open "Palette", and add report item "Barcode" to your created report.
  3. Right click the barcode report item you added, select "Properties" menu item to edit barcode properties.

  4. All barcode properties are in the "General" tab. You can make adjustment if necessary.

    Please keep in mind that to set properties "Data" and "UPC/EAN Supplement Data", the input string should arround by "", unless you are inputing expression.

  5. Preview the report with the default barcode setting, you will find a Code 128 barcode printed on your BIRT report.

  6. To encode barcode data from BIRT report data set, you can input expression to "Data""row["CUSTOMERNUMBER"]

  7. A sample report is displaying barcodes with data from CUSTOMERNUMBER.

How to stream barcodes to BIRT Report with Servlet web application?
Besides Eclipse BIRT Barcode Generator Plugin, also provides Java Barcode Generator with complete guide to stream barcodes to BIRT Reports image items with Java Barcode Generator building Servlet web application.
BIRT Barcode Generator Supporting Barcode Symbology Types

Barcode Generator for BIRT - Bar Code Types Generation

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