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About OnBarcode

OnBarcode.com is a leading vendor of effective, powerful barcode solutions for ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, Java, Objective-C, and Android applications.

About OnBarcode

OnBarcode designs and developes barcode generators and readers for Microsoft .NET, Java, & Apple Objective-C platforms.

OnBarcode is dedicated to providing effective and economical solutions to individual developers as well as to small, medium and large-scale business.

OnBarcode is focusing on IT automation related .NET components, Java class libraries, Objective-C SDK for .NET, Java, & Objective-C professionals.
Incorporated in 2005 by two mathematics PHDs & one business man, OnBarcode is a fast growing small company, which is providing the most comprehensive barcode solutions for our clients.

OnBarcode is based in Singapore.
Our commitment is to provide customers with comprehensive, professional products and help to solve problems whole-heartedly. To achieve this, we promise to offer:
  • Top Quality Products - All OnBarcode products are complete and powerful enough to meet client needs.

  • Reliability - All Our products come through strict producing and testing procedures before any release.

  • Careful Design - OnBarcode products are designed with ultimate attention to the compatibility and consistency with standard solutions.

  • Efficient Solutions - Our file management products come with complete documentation and demos.

  • All-Around Service - OnBarcode has experienced, professional, and responsive employees. We are dedicated to provide excellent service support and help customers to solve problems whole-heartedly.

  • Privacy and Security - All information about our clients and product ordering will be treated as strictly confidential. And OnBarcode uses security measures to ensure privacy.

OnBarcode products are used by many of the world's largest Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, banks, and organizations. Below is a selection of the most notable customers that have adopted our products for their projects.

Contact Us

We listen to our customers, tailor our products, and support to meet various needs. So if you have any enquiries, please let us know via email (support@onbarcode.com).

CHEN CHENG (Headquarters)

127 Lorong L Telok Kurau,
#04-03 Blu Coral,
Singapore 425562
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OnBarcode is a market-leading provider of barcode generator, reader controls and components for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, as well Java, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) across all major enterprise development platforms.
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