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Generate, print linear, 2D barcode images in Eclipse BIRT
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Best barcode solution I've ever used...quite easy to install and a reasonable price, too!
- Brant Johnson, USA

Generate, create linear, 2d barcode images in BIRT Report Designer, BIRT Report Runtime

  • BIRT Barcode Generator Plugin generate 1D & matrix barcode images in BIRT reports
  • Simple to install & easy to print barcode images on BIRT reports
  • Support all BIRT reports running environments
  • Generating high quality Bar Code images in BIRT reports
  • Completely developed in BIRT Custom Extended Report Item Framework
  • Compatible with latest barcode symbology ISO / IEC & GS1 Standards
  • Using mature OnBarcode Java Barcode Generator library since 2002
BIRT Barcode Generator Plugin is an Eclipse BIRT custom extend report item. You can easily generate linear & 2D barcode in BIRT reports using BIRT Barcode Plugin like other report items, such as Label, Text and Chart.

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BIRT Barcode Generator Plugin has combined 30+ linear & 2D barcode symbology types into one single jar file, with which you can create, print various barcode types like QR Code, Data Matrix, PDf417, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5 etc.
Features for BIRT Barcode Generator

Barcode for BIRT - Bar Code Generation

  • 2D / Matrix Barcodes: Data Matrix, PDF 417, QR Code
  • Automatic check sum digit calculations may be enabled or disabled for linear (1D) symbologies
  • Barcode orientation / rotation can be set to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees

Barcode Generator for BIRT Technology

  • Completely developed in BIRT Custom Extended Report Item Framework
  • Support BIRT 2.5.2 or later version
  • Compatible with JDK 1.5.0_22 or later version
  • Single jar file is easy for you to deploy BIRT Barcode plugin with your reporting solutions
  • Easy to use with adding BIRT Barcode report item to BIRT reports design layout

BIRT Barcode Generator Image Generating, Encoding & Printing

  • High quality images are generated that do not contain any distortion
  • Flexible sizing options allow changes to the bar width & height, wide to narrow ratio, barcode width and height and surrounding margins
  • Barcode text display options allow the encoded barcode data to be displayed or not for 1D barcodes
  • Graphic & Font configuration options include the foreground and background colors and fonts for human-readable characters
  • Bearer bars may be easily created for ITF-14
  • Complete Library Source code for BIRT Barcode is provided with purchase of Unlimited Developer License with Source Code
Download BIRT Barcode Generator Free Evaluation Package
Before downloading the free evaluation package, please read ONBARCODE Evaluation License Agreement. ONBARCODE grants to you to use this evaluation package, on one computer, for evaluation purposes only within 30 days. Please note that a red text (watermark) will appear on the generated barcode(s) randomly.

Now you can Download BIRT Barcode Free Evaluation Package
Guide for Barcode Generating in BIRT Using BIRT Barcode Plugin
Top provides complete developer guide with barcoding samples for you.
Here is a quick look. For more details, please view complete BIRT Barcode Generator - Developer Guide
  1. Download BIRT Barcode free Trial Version
  2. Copy com.onbarcode.barcode.birt_2.2.1.jar to your Eclipse plugins directory "\eclipse\plugins\"
  3. Create a new BIRT report, and open "Palette", you can find a report item named "Barcode".
  4. Drag and drop the "Barcode" report item to your report
  5. It's done. You have added a barcode to your BIRT report successfully!
  6. You can also stream Barcodes to BIRT Reports image items using Java Barcode Generator buildin Servlet web application
License & Support for BIRT Barcode Generator Plugin

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Service Support

With the purchased product license, you will enjoy:
  • 60 Days Free Email Support: reply within 24 hours
  • 60 Days Free Software Upgrade: available for 60 days from the date of purchase
  • Premier Support & Free Software Upgrade Subscription can be ordered which includes: Email Support, 1-Year Free Software Upgrade, Online Chat Support, and Discount Service
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