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Multisession drive A recordable CD drive that is capable of burning multiple sessions onto a single recordable disc A multisession drive also has the ability to close a CD-R so that no further tracks can be written to it Multitasking The process of running multiple programs or tasks on the same computer at the same time My Computer An applet that allows a user to access a complete listing of all fixed and removable drives contained within a system My Documents Introduced with Windows 98, the My Documents folder provides a convenient place for a user to store their documents, log files, and any other type of files Native resolution The resolution on an LCD monitor that matches the physical pixels on the screen CRTs do not have fixed pixels and therefore do not have a native resolution NBTSTAT A command-line utility used to check the current NetBIOS name cache on a particular machine The utility compares NetBIOS names to their corresponding IP addresses NDS (Novell Directory Services) The default security and directory system for Novell NetWare 4x and 5x Organizes users, servers, and groups into a hierarchical tree NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface) A protocol supplied with all Microsoft networking products that operates at the Transport layer Also a protocol suite that includes NetBIOS NetBEUI does not support routing NetBIOS (network basic input/output system) A protocol that operates at the Session layer of the OSI seven-layer model This protocol creates and manages connections based on the names of the computers involved NetBIOS name A computer name that identifies both the specific machine and the functions that machine performs A NetBIOS name consists of 16 characters: 15 characters of a name, with a 16th character that is a special suffix that identifies the role the machine plays NETSTAT A command-line utility used to examine the sockets-based connections open on a given host 508
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Network A collection of two or more computers interconnected by telephone lines, coaxial cables, satellite links, radio, and/or some other communication technique A computer network is a group of computers that are connected together and that communicate with one another for a common purpose Network ID A number that identifies the network on which a device or machine exists This number exists in both IP and IPX protocol suites Newsgroup Usenet Nibble The name for discussion groups on
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A unit of four bits
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NIC (network interface card) An expansion card that enables a PC to physically link to a network NiCd (nickel-cadmium) A type of battery that was used in the first portable PCs Heavy and inefficient, these batteries also suffered from a memory effect that could drastically shorten the overall life of the battery See also NiMH (nickel metal hydride), Li-Ion (lithium ion) NiMH (nickel metal hydride) A type of battery used in portable PCs NiMH batteries had fewer issues with the memory effect than NiCd batteries NiMH batteries have been replaced by lithium-ion batteries See also NiCd (nickel-cadmium), Li-Ion (lithium ion) Nit A value used to measure the brightness of an LCD displays A typical LCD display has a brightness of between 100 and 400 nits Node A member of a network or a point where one or more functional units interconnect transmission lines Noise Undesirable signals bearing no desired information and frequently capable of introducing errors into the communication process Non-system disk or disk error An error that occurs during the boot process Common causes for this error are leaving a non-bootable floppy disk in the floppy disk drive while the computer is booting Non-volatile A type of memory that retains data even if power is removed Normal backup A full backup of every selected file on a system This type of backup turns off the archive bit after the backup
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Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ Guide: PC Technician (Exams 220-602, 220-603, & 220-604)
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Northbridge The chip that connects a CPU to memory, the PCI bus, Level 2 cache, and AGP activities; it communicates with the CPU through the FSB Newer Athlon 64-bit CPUs feature an integrated Northbridge NOS (network operating system) An NOS is a standalone operating system or part of an operating system that provides basic file and supervisory services over a network Although each computer attached to the network will have its own OS, the NOS describes which actions are allowed by each user and coordinates distribution of networked files to the user who requests them Notification area Located by default at the right edge of the Windows taskbar, the notification area contains icons representing background processes, and also contains the system clock and volume control Most users call this area the system tray Ns (nanosecond) A billionth of a second Light travels 11 inches in one nanosecond NTBOOTDDSYS A critical Windows system file only for PCs booting to SCSI drives NTDETECTCOM startup files One of the critical Windows
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Object A system component that is given a set of characteristics and can be managed by the operating system as a single entity Ohm(s) Electronic measurement of a cable s impedance OS (operating system) A series of programs and code that create an interface so that a user can interact with a system s hardware, for example, DOS, Windows, and Linux OS X Pronounced ten rather than ex; the current operating system on Apple Macintosh computers Based on a UNIX core, early versions of OS X ran on Motorola-based hardware; current versions run on Intel-based hardware OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) An international standard suite of protocols, defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), that implements the OSI reference model for network communications between computers OSI seven-layer model An architecture model based on the OSI protocol suite that defines and standardizes the flow of data between computers The seven layers are: Layer 1 The Physical layer defines hardware connections and turns binary into physical pulses (electrical or light) Repeaters and hubs operate at the Physical layer Layer 2 The Data Link layer identifies devices on the Physical layer MAC addresses are part of the Data Link layer Bridges operate at the Data Link layer Layer 3 The Network layer moves packets between computers on different networks Routers operate at the Network layer IP and IPX operate at the Network layer Layer 4 The Transport layer breaks data down into manageable chunks TCP, UDP, SPX, and NetBEUI operate at the Transport layer Layer 5 The Session layer manages connections between machines NetBIOS and Sockets operate at the Session layer Layer 6 The Presentation layer, which can also manage data encryption, hides the differences between various types of computer systems
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NTFS (NT File System) A robust and secure file system that was introduced by Microsoft with Windows NT NTFS provides an amazing array of configuration options for user access and security Users can be granted access to data on a file-by-file basis NTFS enables object-level security, long filename support, compression, and encryption NTFS permissions A set of restrictions that determine the amount of access given to a particular user on a system using NTFS NTLDR A Windows NT/2000/XP boot file Launched by the MBR or MFT, NTLDR looks at the BOOTINI configuration file for any installed operating systems NVIDIA A company that is one of the foremost manufacturers of graphics cards and chipsets NWLink Also called IPX/SPX-Compatible Protocol Microsoft s implementation of IPX/SPX See also IPX/SPX
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