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Print QR Code in Microsoft Office Part III

Part III
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Application Services
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SPWorkflow workflow, string identity, IPendingWork workHandler, object workItem)
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CalculationResultArgs args = new CalculationResultArgs(workflow InstanceId); argsResult = eventData[0]ToString(); argsWorkHandler = workHandler; argsWorkItem = workItem; argsIdentity = identity; thisCalculationComplete(null, args);
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Configuring Pluggable Workflow Services
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You ll remember that SharePoint 2010 introduces a new configuration handler for pluggable workflow services The final step that we need to take to enable our service is to add a configuration entry in webconfig In webconfig, navigate to the configuration | SharePoint | WorkflowServices section and then insert the following element:
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<WorkflowService Assembly="WorkflowDemonstration, Version=1000, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=YourPublicKey" Class="WorkflowDemonstrationCalculationWorkflowService"> </WorkflowService>
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Unfortunately, on this occasion, we don t have the luxury of Visual Studio token replacement so we have to find the PublicKeyToken by examining the properties of the WorkflowDemonstration assembly within the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) With this done, we can deploy the project to SharePoint We ve now completed the implementation of our pluggable workflow service as well as our SharePoint-hosted WCF service Although we could test the service using WCFTestClient, we ll receive errors since no genuine workflow instances are awaiting a calculation response
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Calling a SharePoint-Hosted WCF Service
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To complete our calculation engine implementation, we need to add some code to our DemoCalculationEngine project We need a method that can make a call into our SharePoint WCF service to notify the workflow that calculation is complete With the SharePoint project deployed, we first need to add a service reference to the SharePoint WCF service 1 In the DemoCalculationEngine project, choose Project | Add Service Reference Set the Address to http://localhost/_layouts/WorkflowDemonstration/ CalculationResultServicesvc 2 Since the service is hosted within SharePoint, requests must be authenticated; as a result, we need to enter credentials for a user account with permissions to connect to the SharePoint site
3 Once the service metadata has been retrieved, set the Namespace to CalculationResultService and the click OK to complete the process
Work ow
NOTE When adding a service reference for a SharePoint, you ll sometimes see multiple prompts to enter credentials Usually, after entering valid credentials once, clicking Cancel on subsequent prompts will allow the process to continue 4 With our service reference in place, we can move on to add the following code to handle the button click event in Form1cs:
private void button1_Click(object sender, SystemEventArgs e) { foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dataGridView1SelectedRows) { CalculationResultServiceCalculationResultServiceClient client = new CalculationResultServiceCalculationResultServiceClient(); clientClientCredentialsWindowsAllowedImpersonationLevel = SystemSecurityPrincipalTokenImpersonationLevelImpersonation; CalculationResultServiceCalculationResult result = new CalculationResultServiceCalculationResult(); CalculationRequest selected = rowDataBoundItem as CalculationRequest; resultResult = selectedProductName + " Complete"; resultInstanceId = selectedInstanceId; resultSiteId = selectedSiteId; resultWebId = selectedWebId; if (clientProcessCalculationResult(result)) { rowSelected = false; _calculationListRemove(selected); }
We can now manually trigger calculation results by selecting an item from the data grid and then clicking the Send Result button TIP When hosting WCF services in SharePoint, it s important that the client proxy allows impersonation; otherwise, some weird and wonderful COM errors may be thrown by SharePoint To allow impersonation, set the AllowedImpersonationLevel to Impersonation, as shown in the preceding code sample
Creating a Workflow Using Visual Studio 2010
With our pluggable workflow service and external calculation engine up and running, we can create a basic workflow in Visual Studio that will send messages to the calculation engine Our test workflow will be very simple; when a new item is added to a list, its title will
Part III
Application Services
be sent to the calculation engine We will then be able to trigger a response manually from the calculation engine, which will be passed to the workflow The workflow will log the response and complete 1 We can add our workflow to the WorkflowDemonstration solution that we created earlier In Visual Studio, select Project | Add New Item From the Add New Item dialog, select SharePoint | 2010 | Sequential Workflow Name the new workflow External Calculation, as shown:
2 In the SharePoint Customization Wizard dialog, leave the default name as WorkflowDemonstration - External Calculation We can see that the same types of workflow that are available in SharePoint Designer are also available for Visual Studio workflows: List Workflow and Site Workflow Since we re planning to use data in a list to trigger our workflow, set the type to List Workflow 3 Accept the default association settings This will associate our workflow with the Products list that we created earlier Click Finish to complete the process
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