Android Codabar Generator generate, create barcode Codabar images in Android application

Codabar Generator for Android to Generate Codabar Barcodes in Android Application using Android Barcode Generator Library

  • Android Codabar generation api is provided with the Android barcode generator
  • Developed from Java Codabar barcode generator
  • Compatible with Android 1.5 SDK and later versions
  • Easy to add the Codabar generation feature into Android apps
  • Generate high quality Codabar barcode with the Android Codabar SDK
  • GIF, JPEG, and PNG are supported by the Android Codabar Barcode Generator
  • Reliable and mature Android barcode library for Codabar generation
  • Compatible with the latest Codabar barcode symbology standard
  • Android Codabar source code is available for the purchase of the Source Code license


Android Codabar Barcode Generator Introduction

Android Codabar barcode API is a Codabar generator for Android apps, designed for creating Codabar barcode on Android platform.

  • Android Codabar SDK is entirely developed for Android platform
  • Android Codabar generator is completely built in Android 1.5 SDK
  • Developer Licenses for this Android Codabar library are royalty-free and perpetual

Codabar is a linear barcode symbology developed in 1972 by Pitney Bowes Corp. It is also known as Codeabar, Ames Code, NW-7, Monarch, Code 2 of 7, Rationalized Codabar, ANSI/AIM BC3-1995 or USD-4. barcode generator open source, code 128 barcode render c#, visual basic .net barcode generator, c# code 39 barcode, barcode vb net, excel create barcode 128

We provide multiple Codabar Generator libraries, SDK and applications, including .NET Codabar, Java Codabar, C# Codabar, VB.NET Codabar, ASP.NET Codabar, Codabar Generator.


Codabar Valid Data Scope

Android Barcode Codabar supports 16 letters.

  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • - (Dash), $ (Dollar), : (Colon), / (Slash), . (Point), + (Plus)


How to generate Codabar barcodes in your Android application?

Generating barcode Codabar in Java Class example

	Codabar barcode = new Codabar();
	// barcode data to encode
	               Codabar Valid data char set:
	                    - (Dash), $ (Dollar), : (Colon), / (Slash), . (Point), + (Plus)
	                    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
	// Codabar Start & Stop Char, Valid values are 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'
	// Unit of Measure, pixel, cm, or inch
	// barcode bar module width (X) in pixel
	// barcode bar module height (Y) in pixel
	// barcode image margins
	// barcode image resolution in dpi
	// disply barcode encoding data below the barcode
	// barcode encoding data font style
	barcode.setTextFont(new AndroidFont("Arial", Typeface.NORMAL, 12));
	// space between barcode and barcode encoding data
	// barcode bar color and background color in Android device
	      specify your barcode drawing area
	RectF bounds = new RectF(30, 30, 0, 0);
	barcode.drawBarcode(canvas, bounds);

Android Codabar Barcode Properties

Codabar Barcode Java Class:

Category Properties Value Comments
Basic Property: data Type: String
Default: ""
Barcode value to encode.

Codabar Valid Data Char Set:

  • - (Dash), $ (Dollar), : (Colon), / (Slash), . (Point), + (Plus)

  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Property: addCheckSum Type: boolean
Default: false
addCheckSum property is not applied here. Codabar does not require any checksum.
Property: startChar Type: char
Default: 'A'
Codabar start char, valid values: 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'
Property: stopChar Type: char
Default: 'A'
Codabar stop char, valid values: 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'
Property: N Type: float
Default: 2.0f
Wide/narrow ratio, 2.0 - 3.0 inclusive, default is 2.
Property: autoResize Type: boolean
Default: false
Auto resize the generated barcode image
Property: barAlignment Type: int
Default: 1 (center)
Barcode horizontal alignment inside the image. 0: left, 1: center, 2: right.
Property: uom Type: int
Default: 0 (pixel)
Unit of meature for all size related settings in the library.
Valid values: 0: pixel; 1: inch; 2: cm.
Property: X Type: float
Default: 1
Width of barcode bar module (narrow bar), default is 1 pixel
Property: Y Type: float
Default: 30
Height of barcode bar module, default is 30 pixel
Property: barcodeWidth Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image width.

If barcodeWidth setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum width, the library will automatically reset to barcode minimum width.
Property: barcodeHeight Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image height.

If barcodeHeight setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum height, the library will automatically reset to barcode minimum height.
Property: leftMargin Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image left margin size.
Property: rightMargin Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image right margin size.
Property: topMargin Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image top margin size.
Property: bottomMargin Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image bottom margin size.
Property: resolution Type: int
Default: 72
Barcode image resolution in DPI (Dots per inch).
Property: rotate Type: int
Default: 0 (IBarcode.ROTATE_0)
Valid values:

  • 0 (IBarcode.ROTATE_0)
  • 1 (IBarcode.ROTATE_90)
  • 2 (IBarcode.ROTATE_180)
  • 3 (IBarcode.ROTATE_270)
Property: backColor Type: AndroidColor
Default: AndroidColor.white
Barcode image background color
Property: foreColor Type: AndroidColor
Barcode image foreground color
Property: showText Type: boolean
Default: true
If true, display barcode data text under the barcode, otherwise do not display.
Property: textFont Type: AndroidFont
new AndroidFont("Arial", Typeface.NORMAL, 11)
Barcode text font style.
Property: textMargin Type: float
Default: 6
Space between barcode and barcode data text, default is 6 pixel
Property: textColor Type: AndroidColor
Barcode text color

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