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What is GS1 QR Code barcode?

GS1 QR Code is a standalone, two-dimensional matrix symbology that is made up of square modules arranged in an overall square pattern, including a unique finder pattern located at three corners of the symbol.

GS1 QR Code is based on QR Code barcode specification (ISO/IEC 18004). The GS1 system has adopted GS1 QR Code partly because, like GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 QR Code can encode GS1 system data structures and offers other technical advantages.

QR Code supports all GS1 system data structures, including Function 1 Symbol Character (FNC1). QR Code uses Reed-Solomon error correction

GS1 QR Code Basic Characteristics

Encode character set

  • numeric data: (digits 0 - 9)
  • alphabetic data: upper case letters A - Z
  • nine special characters: space $ % * + - . / :
  • byte data
  • Kanji characters: not supported

GS1 QR Code Symbol Size

GS1 QR Code symbols: 21 x 21 modules to 177 x 177 modules (Versions 1 to 40, increasing in steps of four modules per side).

Note: it does not include Quiet Zones.

QR Code maximum data length per symbol

Maximum data characters per GS1 QR Code with Version 40-L

  • numeric data: 7,089 characters
  • alphanumeric data: 4,296 characters
  • byte data: 2,953 characters

Error correction mode

Four levels of Reed-Solomon error correction (referred to as L, M, Q and H in increasing order of capacity) allowing recovery of the GS1 QR Code barcode data.

  • L: 7%
  • M: 15%
  • Q: 25%
  • H: 30%

GS1 QR Code Data Encoding Modes

The following QR Code encode modes are based on the character values and assignments associated with the default ECI.

Numeric mode

Numeric mode encodes data from the decimal digit set (0 - 9) (byte values HEX 30 to HEX 39). Normally, 3 data characters are represented by 10 bits.

Alphanumeric mode

Alphanumeric mode encodes data from a set of 45 characters.

  • 10 numeric digits (0-9)
  • 26 alphabetic characters (A - Z)
  • 9 symbols (SPACE, $, %, *, +, -, ., /, :)

Byte mode

In this mode, the QR Code data is encoded at 8 bits per character.

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